Argument For Love The Poetry Readings 1969-1974

James Humphrey, Poets Alive Productions/James Humphrey Trust, New York, July 1, 2009; 64 minutes


Audio recording.

1. For Love 

2. Snow Angels 

3. Her Love 

4. We Are 

5. Argument For Love 

6. Today 

7. A Bed For The Poet’s First Born, June 1964 

8. Poem/The reflection 

9. Love With Numbers 

10. Contemporary Poetry, Second Semester, An Illustration from Instructor to Students on How Not to Write a Contemporary Poem, Or, Maybe Mad Magazine Needs You 

11. Found 

12. Where I Was 

13. Poem/Water 

14. Getting Up 

15. A Letter to One of My Poetry Students

16. Poem/for Jean Larson

17. After Buying a New Typewriter Ribbon 

18. Inside and Out 

19. Spring Flower 4 May, 1970 

20. Poem for Jay Bolotin 

21. The Secret 

22. Reading introduction by Bill Small** 

23. Do You Hear Me? 

24. Going Out 

25. There Are Words

26. Untitled/for Diane Wakowski 

27. First Communion 

28. Echoes: A Diary 

29. Poem/Poets are wanted for what they’re not 

30. After Writing All Night and Into the Day, I Go to The Refrigerator for Another Beer And See a Young Girl Through the Kitchen Window Walking By 

31. And So On 

32. Something At Night 

33. A Play in One Act 

34. Untitled/My reading has been completed 

35. Poets Are Wanted For What They’re Not

36. The Visitor 

37. Simply 

38. Just To Sing 

39. An Homage, The End of Some More Land 

40. On moving from Iowa to Cape Cod 

41. The Relearning I 

42. The Relearning II 

43. Breakfast Table, After Writing All Night 

44. Untitled/How light the air is 

45. Poem Written With My Son’s Pen 

46.  Here NowFor Norma 

47. For Norma 

48. For Norma 

49. For My Son Saroyan 

50. The Chance 

51. New Year Poem/The Relearning III 

52. Argument For Love/written and performed by Jay Bolotin 

53. The Older Lady's Lover/written and performed by Jay Bolotin  

54. On entering a junior high school classroom to teach poetry.


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