Guide to the James Humphrey Papers 1957-2009 — John Hay Library, Brown University Archives, Providence, RI


Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers, NY


Jazz radio journalist Oscar Treadwell reads Humphrey on WGUC, Cincinnati, April 1988.

Power & Greed

The Julie Poems: Poem 1Poem 2Poem 3Poem 4Poem 5Credits.

Humphrey reads poems from captain may i and more at Darrell Gray's home, Iowa City, IA, August 1969.

Poems from Argument For Love The Poetry Readings 1969-1974


Remembering Ted Berrigan, National Public Radio interview with Bob Edwards, November 15, 1983

Radio Interview with Elinor Stout, WGBH/Boston, December 8, 1975

Radio Interview with Kitty Baker, WCIB/Falmouth, December 1969

Sound Collages

Collage 1 - 1972

Collage 2 - 1972

Reverberation - 1972


The Wonder of this Moment/Tribute to James Humphrey at Sacramento Poetry Center with the Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet, November 19, 2011

Baseball Dreams/A Home For the Children • Ten Gallon Hat/Giving The World • New York City Morning, November 15, 1983 • Sons And Fathers • The Norma Poems • Wind/The Wonder • Ice Poems: Weekday Morning • Baseball Dreams/A Home For the Children • Spring Flower/4 May 1970 • Poetry Reading for Jay Bolotin

Memorial Poetry Reading at Attleboro (MA) Public Library with Norma Humphrey


Baseball Diary

Bob Stanley Poetry Blog

Child Abuse Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse/New York

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