An Homage: The End of Some More Land


I’m sitting on a rock
near some pine trees

in the thick fog. In
a couple of hours

the sun will rise
over these very trees

& shine through the
windows of the cottage

where Norma & Saroyan
are sleeping.

My clothes
are wet. My skin

is wet. I’m shivering.
The wetness isn’t from

the fog, nor is it raining:
the earth is crying


The bull dozers
parked out there.

The turn of the engines,
the feet against

the accelerators,
coming this morning, spitting

black oil smoke
into the air

killing what remains
of this land


Norma, Saroyan, & myself
in the outdoor shower

when the sun
rises over the trees

Saroyan says:
“Let’s have an all hug”

from An Homage The End Of Some More Land. Copyright © James Humphrey Trust


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