Guidelines For Holding Onto 
The Pain Habit During SIZ

If I let go of my pain
I won't have anything
to protect myself with.
I'd die of anxiety.

I need to draw more pain to 
because I'm so used to it.
It's my guard against
feeling anything good,
or letting anyone close.

I've held onto it for so long
I'm not aware it's pain.  
I accept it under all conditions
—and—at any cost to innocent others.

I know I'm worthless,
no on really likes me,
and I'll never change.

Guidelines For Breaking 
The Pain Habit During SIZ

I'm learning to accept
everything isn't my fault.
I'm not dying of anxiety.
My feelings always count.
They are mine.
They are legitimate.
I won't let anyone lessen them
or make me feel I'm no good.
I'm getting to the other side of
my fears.

I no longer rationalize that
other people's needs 
are greater than mine.
I'm not afraid of feeling close to someone.

By the sheer fact of trying,
I demonstrate hope, bravery, courage.

Oh, these new feelings
that sing through me
when I'm lovingly held!

from SIZ. Copyright © James Humphrey Trust.


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